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Plus de 450 bénévoles sont sur le festival

Trentième et dernière édition du Festival de Folklore de Martigues. Ça démarre ce week-end, jusqu'au 28 juillet. Durant toute la semaine, des concerts auront lieu sur la scène flottante mais également au village à Ferrières. Dès ce samedi soir, vous pourrez assister à la grande parade d'ouverture qui partira à 18h30 de place de la Libération. Demain, place au grand chambardement qui animera les trois quartiers à partir de 10h (vous retrouvez le programme sur www.festival-martigues.fr).

Évidemment, un festival comme celui-là n'existerait pas sans les bénévoles. Cette année c'est plus de 450 bénévoles qui aident et participent au festival. Pour certains, ils sont là depuis le début. Pour d'autres, c'est leur première année. Nous sommes allés à leur rencontre à l'occasion de la "photo de famille" des bénévoles ce samedi matin. Ils nous racontent une part de l'histoire du festival dans la vidéo ci-dessus.

En interview, Sauveur et Véronique Inghilleri, Lidia Patou, Manon Deglin, Mireille Durand et Geneviève Ravet.



Dimanche 22 juillet, 21h30 : La Provence accueille le monde : première partie avec Guy Bonnet et l'orchestre régional Avignon Provence et deuxième partie avec les Moines de Shaolin,

Lundi 23 juillet, soirée d'ouverture, 21h30 : Afrique du Sud, Bouriatie, Brésil, Chili (Île de Pâques), Cuba (orchestre), Géorgie, Mexique, Provence, Tatarstan,

Mardi 24 juillet, 21h30 : I Muvrini

Mercredi 25 juillet, 21h, scène marseillaise : Polifonic system, Quartiers nord et Massilia sound system,

Jeudi 26 juillet, 21h30 : Bouriatie, Géorgie,Tatarstan.

Vendredi 27 juillet, 21h30 : Afrique du Sud, Brésil, Chili (Île de Pâques), Mexique, Provence.

Samedi 28 juillet, 21h30, spectacle de clôture : Afrique du Sud, Bouriatie, Brésil, Chili (Île de Pâques), Géorgie, Mexique, Provence, Tatarstan, Argentine, Québec (Zogma)


Vidéo publiée le : 21/07/2018 à 15:49:00

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Popular 10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge,

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10% HAPPIER is a spiritual book written for - and by - someone who would otherwise never read a spiritual book. It is both a deadly serious and seriously funny look at mindfulness and meditation as the next big public health revolution. Dan Harris always believed the restless, relentless, impossible-to-satisfy voice in his head was one of his greatest assets. How else can you climb the ladder in an ultra-competitive field like TV news except through nonstop hand-wringing and hyper vigilance? For a while, his strategy worked. Harris anchored national broadcasts and he covered wars. Then he hit the brakes, and had a full-blown panic attack live on the air. What happened next was completely unforeseen. Through a bizarre series of events - involving a disgraced evangelical pastor, a mysterious self-help guru and a fateful gift from his wife - Harris stumbled upon something that helped him tame the voice in his head: meditation. At first, he was deeply suspicious. He had long associated meditation with bearded swamis and unwashed hippies.But when confronted with mounting scientific evidence that just a few minutes a day can literally rewire the brain for focus, happiness, and reduced reactivity, Harris took a deep dive. He spent years mingling with scientists, executives and marines on the front lines of a quiet revolution that has the potential to reshape society. He became a daily meditator, and even found himself on a ten-day, silent meditation retreat, which was simultaneously the best and worst experience he d ever had. Harris s life was not transformed into a parade of rainbows and unicorns, but he did gain a passion for daily meditation. While the book itself is a narrative account of Dan s conversion amid the harried and decidedly non-Zen world of the newsroom, it concludes with a section for the novice on how to get started.

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كولومبيا تحتفل بالذكرى ال208 لاستقلال البلاد

تحتفل كولومبيا بالذكرى ال208 لاستقلال البلاد، وسيقام بمناسبة عيد الاستقلال عرض عسكري في مدينة بوغوتا.تقرير بالصوت الطبيعي

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كولومبيا تحتفل بالذكرى ال208 لاستقلال البلاد

تحتفل كولومبيا بالذكرى ال208 لاستقلال البلاد، وسيقام بمناسبة عيد الاستقلال عرض عسكري في مدينة بوغوتا.تقرير بالصوت الطبيعي

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Little Einsteins S05E13 - Little Elephant's Big Parade!

Little Einsteins S05E13 - Little Elephant's Big Parade!

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Da Hool - Meet Her At The Love Parade (16 9 HD) 1996

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Caligula and Messalina 1981 MOVIE Trailer

★Caligula and Messalina★1981★Fullmovie★

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Messalina (played by gorgeous Betty Roland) is a power-hungry nymphomaniac who will stop at nothing to become Empress of Rome. She brings herself to the attention of Caligula by battling in the gladiator arena and it is not long before she achieves her goal, upsetting the Emperor's youngest sister Agrippina, who hopes that her son Nero will eventually become ruler of Rome. Agrippina successfully plots Caligula's downfall, but Messalina rains on her parade by immediately jumping into the sack with his successor, Claudius. But naughty old Messalina can't commit herself to one man, and shags everyone in sight, including a grotesque, but well-endowed, frequenter of brothels, a randy midget, her eunuch(!?!?) and an ex-lover. When she ends up pregnant, and it is obvious that the father is not Claudius (since he has been away fighting in foreign lands), Agrippina finally sees her opportunity to be rid of her nemesis once and for all.
Caligula and Messalina 1981 english subtitle
Caligula and Messalina 1981 movie online
free Caligula and Messalina 1981 movie

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We’ve got a winner! Our #GiveMeGozo video competition ended yesterday and the winner is Darren...

We’ve got a winner!

Our #GiveMeGozo video competition ended yesterday and the winner is Darren Cassar. Darren’s video about the Nadur village festa received 3,304 votes.

The video portrays what a #Gozo festa is all about with a unique mix of parades, street decorations, music, food, fireworks and religious activities. Joining in the fun at a village festa is truly a great way to get a real taste of local life.

Congratulations, Darren

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MOVIE Antz Streaming



In this animated hit, a neurotic worker ant in love with a rebellious princess rises to unlikely stardom when he switches places with a soldier. Signing up to march in a parade, he ends up under the command of a bloodthirsty general. But he's actually been enlisted to fight against a termite army.
Antz 1998 movie online
Antz 1998 full d.o.w.n.l.o.a.d
Antz 1998 Box Office Mojo
Antz 1998 IMDB
Antz 1998 Streaming

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Philippine Independence Day Parade NYC 06-03-2018: Geneva Cruz - Part 4

Event: Philippine Independence Day Parade on Madison Avenue
Date: June 3, 2018
Performer: Geneva Cruz
Part 4
Song: ?????
From: ?????
Original Artist: ?????

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Geliebte jane soundtrack

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Geliebte jane soundtrack

Later in fall 2006, it appeared again as the house of the Morlands in. In late September 2007, Bath launched the seventh Jane Austen festival, which included a parade of people in Regency costumes, readings, tours, and discussions about the author. Lefroy, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor as Robert Fowle, and as. In a flow of inspiration, she then begins the writing of First Impressions, the manuscript that will become. Retrieved 6 July 2012. Der deutsche Kinostart war am 3. Retrieved 31 July 2012. Retrieved 2 August 2012. She tells Tom that they cannot elope, not with so many people depending upon him. Also appearing in the film areand. Wisley proposes but Jane ultimately rejects him due to lack of affection. Movie Connections Referenced geliebte jane soundtrack 2008.

Jane accepts the marriage proposal of Mr. But when Jane meets the roguish and decidedly non-aristocratic Tom Lefroy, sparks soon fly along with the sharp repartee. Retrieved 1 August 2012.

Jane ist mittlerweile eine erfolgreiche und bekannte Schriftstellerin und noch immer ledig. Overhearing his subsequent criticism, Jane cannot stand the arrogant Irishman. Retrieved 31 July 2012. Retrieved 26 July 2012 — via. Retrieved 26 July 2012 — via. It was released to cinemas on 9 March 2007 in the United Kingdom and a week later in Ireland by.

Geliebte jane soundtrack

While Hathaway was met for her performance by some critics, some reviews negatively focused on her nationality as well as the inauthenticity of her accent. Lo returns home and soon learns that Tom has become engaged to someone else at the arrangement of his family. Si McAvoy was really into it. The film is partly based on the 2003 book bywho was also no as historical consultant. Ihre Familie will, dass sie den reichen Mr.

Retrieved 26 July 2012. Astonished that he named his eldest after her, Jane agrees to read.

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Coimbra, Travel What a Vlog and Frolicking looks like | Portuguese Traveler and Nomad

Thanks for Watching! We had an interesting time here in this student town, as beginning of semester initiation took place. Streets flooded with young folk ...

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Billie Marten - Bird Live Session (Dario Manzo Cover)

This is my Bird's cover in a live home session. A beautiful song, I love it. Hope you like it! Listen here: ...

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Fenomena Batu Aneh di Sungai Cibojong, Sukabumi

Pada hari Kamis 01-02-2018 sekitar pkl.10.00 WIB telah terjadi peristiwa aneh, ditemukan warga yg akan brgktvke sawah tepatnya di sungai Cibojong Ds Pasir ...

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Mari, Polaris | Animated Splash Art - Grand Chase

Hello, Wanderyen Erin here and today I give to you an fanmade animation splash and illustration for Polaris. FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/wanderyen ...

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PR: Lunyr – Blockchain-Based Knowledge Sharing Platform Launches Open Beta

PR: Lunyr – Blockchain-Based Knowledge Sharing Platform Launches Open Beta Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system. It is the first ...

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Tags: PR Lunyr Lunyr BlockchainBased BlockchainBased Knowledge BlockchainBased Knowledge Sharing Knowledge Sharing Platform Sharing Platform Launches Platform Launches Open CoinKorea Blood Moon Borealis Starfall Meteor Rain Planet Parade
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Roblox Cash Grab Simulator New Codes 2018!

enjoy new codes ;D.

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